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프로필 이미지profile_imageWabi_sabi

If I set my mind to it I will achieve it

Most of us rely on motivation to work on our dreams and goals. Now the question, Is motivation really important? Yeah it might be but just bcoz u want motivation doesn't mean u have to scroll on ur phone watching motivational reels for hours "THE FACT YOU ARE NOT WHERE U WANT TO BE OR ACHIEVED WHAT U WANT TO ACHIEVE IS ENOUGH MOTIVATION" 1) Remember why You started : most of us forget that there is a reason behind our goals and when u consistently try to work towards them u slowly slowly lose the interest to thrive harder when u overthink about the outcomes. 2) stop the self pity party: maybe your plan failed. Maybe You scored low even if u studied hard. But ain't no way You are going to stop doing anything and feel sorry for yourself instead of levelling up. Figure out what study method suits You the most. If u just stop doing anything u will go back to 0. Being 0.1% better everyday is better than being 0.1% worse everyday. U can choose ur own path 3) make a neat schedule: organize what tasks u need to do. If u r bad at this u can check the routine I've posted in my feed. 4) learn to give urself a break: tame time off for sometime to cool your mind off. Check ur phone for sometime. Go out for a walk. Talk to a friend. 5) Be consistent: ik You have heard it every where that consistency is the key. But let me tell You why consistency and discipline is important. Discipline means working and doing all the tasks that are to be done instead of listening to your mind. Your mind wants to always rest. Doesn't wanna study. Scroll on insta all the time. When You stop listening to your mind You work on the things that are more important than the temporary pleasure.

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  • 프로필 이미지profile_imageForgetful

    Excellent scores! Wish i do the same!

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    O.m.g So good

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  • 프로필 이미지profile_imagePayal

    It's really effective:)

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