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프로필 이미지profile_imageSifath

Update : How am I thinking to start again?

Okay, so today I've attempted my test and I was able to answer half of the questions. I think, for next few upcoming exams I'll be trying to work really hard. But the major issue here is, less Sustainability of my mental energy and patience. Nowadays, I'm really thinking that this is one of the main cause for what people are not been able achieve their goals. So Here's my strategy for the deal : 1) I'm going to work on building my patience and mental energy, will staying under a dopamine detox can really help. This is most important thing for me which I've figured out, something is draining my inner energy as well like those heavy socializing and wasting time Over social media and more. 2) As procrastination is another big red flag, so I've decided I'll look for little tasks everyday, so that i start aligning with little stuffs. 3) changing yourself is a real time hard thing, and It'll take time.. So for a while, I Won't be soo hard on me😕 4) will start getting disciplined by repeating those little tasks daily, atleast few little steps every day and every week. So! This is my plan which I thought of sharing with you all. Have a good day, lovelies.

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