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How can I start studying (2) ✨️from experience✨️

OK, so I made an old post (part 1) about this, so this is part 2 ! Again, this is for you, @Raven 🐦‍⬛, 😉. Ok, let's get started! Disclaimer: I said this already in my previous post. Not all tips will work for you or the subjects you are studying, so pls try all tips and see which one works for you! The tips are 👉👉 💫Firstly, you have to set goals, short - and long-term goals. Short-term goals such as: Finish studying this lecture, answering past papers, writing study notes, etc. Long-term goals, such as getting first place in a competition, getting 💯 in my final exam, etc. Your goals have to be clear and precise. You can not work aimlessly without a goal you will lose motivation very fast. Fun fact: The reason why my goal was to get 💯 in my final exam was to ask my dad to buy me a game pass 😆😆. So anything to motivate you! Even if it's silly 😜 💫Secondly, many people don't know that there are types of motivation, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Of course, the one we want to build is intrinsic motivation, but what does that even mean? Intrinsic motivation comes from inside of you, and you want to start because YOU want to study. Extrinsic motivation come from outside, like for example "I'll get myself this toy or game if i get a 💯", while this one is good it just doesn't last long and if the outside conditions are not good (bad weather for example), you won't study which is bad. In conclusion, try building INTRINSIC motivation 💪 💫Thirdly is I realised many people depend on motivation to get going or start studying, which is a terrible way to start! But why? Because quite simply motivation is fluctuating, meaning it constantly changes. It pretty much goes up and down all the time, so it's not STABLE (this is also more common in extrinsic motivation). So plssss don't say, "When i get the motivation, I'll start" because you won't start like this. This is all! Hope you guys enjoyed this post, and if u have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask 💖 P.S THANK YOU ALL FOR 33 FOLLOWERS!!! 💞💞💞💞

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  • 프로필 이미지profile_imageRaven

    Thats a lot of information. Thanks for sharing 👊😃

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    No problem enjoy reading 😊

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    Thanks for sharing

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  • 프로필 이미지profile_imageasmarabbas

    Thanks for sharing your experience 🤗

  • 프로필 이미지profile_imageS~

    Your all welcome 🥹🥹. I'm just so happy that u guys are happy. I hope it helps you. Goodluck ✨️ ✨️

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    Thank u it was very helpful 💕

  • 프로필 이미지profile_imageS~

    Your welcome 💕💕

  • 프로필 이미지profile_imagetashrifapg

    So helpful. Thank you 😊

  • 프로필 이미지profile_imageAmelcia💖💕💞

    Thank is was very helpful💖

  • 프로필 이미지profile_imageS~

    I glad you liked it 💞

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    Omg you're back!! Where have you been. Also thx for liking ♥️

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    Thx 💓

  • 프로필 이미지profile_imageS😍

    This helped so so much thanks to you I Get better grades! You changed me, and I lose concentration very easily but with these tips, studying is way easier than it was! Again Thank you so much! Have a great time💓

  • 프로필 이미지profile_imageS~

    I am really really happy that you benefited from my tips!! I am happy your happy ❤️❤️

  • 프로필 이미지profile_image................

    Could you please make one on how to focus on homework. I lack a drive

  • 프로필 이미지profile_imageS~

    @Amiraizmum You got it ✨️

  • 프로필 이미지profile_imageinsha Irfan

    Thanks for sharing ❤️ it is very helpful for me 💯

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    I'm glad you found it helpful 🤗

  • 프로필 이미지profile_imageArdi Gjyriqi

    I just follow amazing article great job 👍👍

  • 프로필 이미지profile_imageBizz

    Motivation is exactly how i start doing things

  • 프로필 이미지profile_imageS~

    @Ardi Gjyriqi, thanks a lot 😊 👏

  • 프로필 이미지profile_imageS~

    @Bizz, yep, if it's intrinsic, then it's much easier to start with!