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프로필 이미지profile_imageMcKinsey Sielinsky

Things that I believe everyone should know about!

Mistakes are a part of the learning process and experience. If you handle the mistake correctly you may not make the mistake again. Cutting off toxic people from your life is not mean or rude. It’s protecting yourself and people around you from the person that does not know that they need to change. Crying is not weak, you cry to let it all out. It’s your body’s way of venting. It shows that you are having a hard moment. When you are tired, it just shows that you are doing a lot. You’re not getting enough rest and your body is taking the effect. I hope this stuff can help, it probably is stuff you already know but everyone needs reminders! Please be safe and healthy!

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  • 프로필 이미지profile_imageMysterious boy

    Yea ur right😢🤧